SBAP has a Pottery Open Studio providing Ceramic Arts education as well as a Sewing and Fashion Design Studio. South Broadway Art Project has a mission to teach young people ages 12-18 how to enhance their own lives and their community through art. We do this by providing 100% FREE programming for teens through TAP Teen Apprentice Project, as well as providing affordable art experiences for ages 5-Adults. SBAP also has a mission and vision to extend art experiences beyond our gallery walls by making and installing public art project within the neighborhoods of South Broadway. The Teen Apprenticeship Project (TAP) is a unique and FREE opportunity for middle school and high schoolers to learn about art, ceramic arts and pottery. SBAP relates careers in the arts, public art, and other topics and projects as they relate to visual art. TAP students meet weekly at The Pottery Studio beginning in September/October, where they gain hands-on work experience by meeting and working directly with our resident artist Sarah Adzick. This is a one-of-a-kind opportunity for students to engage with a working artist that provides a diverse repertoire of skills to add to their future high school, college and work submissions. TAP is a 27 week program that meets weekly Thursday, Friday, or Saturday September thru April. TAP students also take part in a community public art project during the months of June and July. In addition to funding basic needs for free TAP programming for teens and affordable art experiences for ALL ages, SBAP has many other needs in order maintian and grow. Call us 314-773-3633 if you have supplies or equipment you would like to donate such as: pottery wheel, pottery tools and accessories, paper, drawing supplies, sewing machines, notions, thread, and fabric etc.
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